Time to relax at  

A place of rest and relaxation, a powerful place to renew and rejuvenate!
Time to relax, take a deep breath and just “be”. 

Our Accommodation

 Two types of accommodation are available: 

 An apartment-studio for two persons, with a terrace in the front offering  incredible views of the sea and the surrounding mountains.

About Us

 Choose your favorite accommodation, studio apartment or retro-caravan surrounded by orchards and vegetable gardens, olives, chestnut and oak 

 The Location

 The village of Sklithro is conveniently located on the mountain of Mavrovouni overlooking the Aegean Sea in eastern Thessaly, central 


 "... a dreamlike oasis in the wilderness..." 


 "...deserted beautiful beaches, steep cliffs and hills with picturesque small and winding villages, endless forest..." 


 "... let your mind wander in a dream location..." 



The Forrest and the Sea

Relax in the endless nature, watch the sunrise, observe the cloud cinema and the huge starry sky...